The voice and sound magician

Vocal virtuoso, beatboxer, musical storyteller: Martin O. takes his audience on a wild ride with a constant stream of surprises, humor, emotion, and fantasy, centered around his incredible shapeshifting one-of-a-kind voice. Close your eyes and you hear a whole choir. Open them and all you see is one man on the stage. A captivating, charismatic performer, Martin O. pushes the boundaries of sonic possibility, leaving audiences breathless with all their senses and emotions brought to life. Repertoire: Original songs, Surprising Pop music covers, Musical Improvisation, Genre-Bending Mashups of Folklore, Classical, Everyday Sounds, and more.

Martin O. in Canada – 7 concerts in British Columbia

13.11.2018: Charles Bailey Theater, Trail

14.11.2018: Capitol Theater, Nelson

15.11.2018: Prince Charles Theater, Creston

16.11.2018: Golden Civic Centre, Golden

17.11.2018: Creekside Theater, Lake Country

18.11.2018: Evergreen Cultural Centre, Coquitlam

23.11.2018: Festival Place, Sherwood Park

The Canadian tour of Martin O. is supported by "Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung" and "SUISA Fondation"